2019 Reunion Planning Survey


As you know, many of our classmates helped us settle on the dates and venues for our 2019 45th reunion. The reunion will be held on the weekend of Thursday, July 25th through Sunday, July 28th, 2019.

Your Reunion Association Planning Committee is working hard to plan a successful and well-attended event, and we need your insights once again. The following five-minute survey will help us make key decisions as we get closer to next year's reunion. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Of course, your answers will be held in confidence. Summary results will be shared with the class in early 2019. 

As a reminder, our plan for reunion events each day include:

  • Thursday evening July 25th, 2019: downtown Evanston pub crawl for local and arriving out of town alumni.
  • Friday evening, July 26th, 2019: Informal class gathering at the Levy Center on Dodge in Evanston.
  • Saturday daytime, July 27th, 2019: local activities that may include a golf outing, etc. 
  • Saturday evening, July 27th, 2019: Main Event gathering at the Evanston Golf Club on Dempster in Skokie.
  • Sunday daytime: July 28th, 2019: Separate group reunions: elementary and middle schools, athletics, performing arts, etc. Volunteers are needed to help organize these events.




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1)   Will you be attending any events the 45th reunion weekend July 25th through July 28th, 2019?

  Want to, but not sure yet
  Probably not
  Won't be attending
2)   The Committee is considering reserving blocks of preferred rate rooms at nearby hotel(s), with shuttle service to and from the Saturday evening event. Are you likely to need a hotel room?

Yes No
3)   If you are able to attend, which event(s) are you most likely to attend? (please check all that apply)

  July 25th (Thursday) evening pub crawl in downtown Evanston
  July 26th (Friday) evening informal gathering at Levy Center
  July 27th (Saturday) daytime events
  July 27th (Saturday) evening main event at Evanston Golf Club
  July 28th (Sunday) daytime separate group reunions
4)   Will you likely be accompanied by a "plus one" (i.e. spouse, significant other, or friend) at the Friday or Saturday evening events?

  will likely have "plus one" at Friday evening event
  will likely have "plus one" at Saturday evening event
  won't have a "plus one" at either event
5)   The Friday evening event at the Levy Center will include light appetizers and BYO beverages only. What sort of appetizers would you like to see on Friday night? Would you prefer appetizers from any particular Evanston restaurants?

6)   We're hoping that our classmates will attend activities and events during the day on Saturday and Sunday. What focused reunion events might you be interested in attending? (please check all that apply)

  middle school
  elementary school
  YAMO, Theater, CROO
  Bands, Orchestra, Choir, other music
  Dance, Aquettes
  Debate, Oral Interpretation
  Academic clubs (e.g. Chess, Foreign Language, Computer)
  Evanstonian, Yearbook
  Athletics (specify below)
  YMCA clubs, Brillianteen, Camp Echo

Please comment below.
7)   Would you be willing to organize a focused reunion event for Saturday or Sunday daytime?

Yes No
Please add details below.
8)   Please share your comments on focused reunion events. What specific event(s) would you like to see? What event would you like to organize?

9)   Some of our classmates may lack financial means to attend the reunion. Would you be willing to (confidentially) sponsor admission for one of more of our classmates?

Yes No
If yes, you will be contacted directly by a member of the Planning Committee
10)   Would you be willing to volunteer to help the Committee during the Friday and Saturday evening events?

  I will help on Friday evening
  I will help on Saturday evening
  I will help on both Friday and Saturday evening
  I won't be helping either evening

If yes, you will be contacted directly by a member of the Planning Committee in advance of the reunion weekend.
11)   Please share any additional thoughts on the upcoming 45th reunion.