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Regina Elam

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06/26/14 09:10 PM #1    

Belinda Braham

We were friends from elementary svhool through high school. Lost touch when I moved to Florida. We had such fun together. 

06/27/14 06:48 AM #2    

Janet Kinzer

She died at 51, what a shame. 

Regina and I were in a couple of classes together as Freshman and Sophomores. I didn't know her before High School.  She was very pretty, in an "exotic way," very smart and so nice...I also noticed how mature she was and thoughtful, too.  It was realy nice to talk to her between classes.  

After a while we got cozy and she told me about how hard it was to be biracial. Biracial?  This really surprised me: I'd never heard of the term, probably wasn't sure what it meant.  I didn't know her family so I had no idea she was biracial.  She said her mother's family wouldn't talk to them and people stared at them when the family was together.  Ah, so the maturity and thoughfulness were coming out of hardship. 

But mostly what I remember about us was meeting someone new, someone who I hadn't grown up with, and the excitement of making a new friend who, on the surface, wasn't like me.  

06/27/14 05:02 PM #3    

Jada Robitaille

I am saddened to read of Regina's passing...I was also friendly with her from Chute and ETHS.  A lovely, smart, sweet friend....I will remember her fondly.


06/27/14 09:40 PM #4    

Terry Burns (King)

Regina was one of the smartest, funniest people I've ever known. We spent a lot of time listening to

music, making beaded necklaces and laughing our heads off at

my house when we were kids. 

I moved away in 74 and heard she had gone to Spain. We were both in Evanston for the holidays and she came to visit me at my parents' house. The last time I had laid eyes on Regina she had those cateye glasses and crazy curly hair-when she came to the door at mom and dad's house she was stunning, slim, spiky short hair and absolutely gorgeous. She told me of her adventures in Spain- learning to dance Flamenco, doing some acting-I was wishing I could be as cool as she was. I wish we had stayed in touch. Sweet dreams, Amiga.

06/28/14 12:52 PM #5    

Louise Brueggemann

I'm very sad to learn about Regina's death. I was closer to her sister Bernadette, but considered Regina a good friend. Since my family moved to Colorado in 1975, I lost track of so many people. Regina was an excellent pianist, and encouraged me to take lessons from her piano teacher, which I did for a year before going to college. I have fond memories of spending time at the Elams' house, and remember Regina as kind, witty, and a lot of fun to be with. 

07/08/14 12:16 AM #6    

Ricki Greenberg (Zabrin)

Regina Elam was my BFF before the expression was popular! I was friends with her in grade school through high school!i loved going to her house and loved her sister Bernadette too! Regina was always cool and I loved spending time with her and her warm loving family! Her parents were so nice and kind to me and I was always so happy to go to her house after school. My parents were divorced and my mom was always so grateful to the Elams when she got delayed at work and I could stay there. I think I grew up "color blind" because of my friend and her awesome family!We lost track of each other after high school but I was so saddened to read of her untimely passing.                                                                                       

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