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Jill Wallace (Helberg)

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01/28/14 10:51 PM #1    

Donna Kaminsky

Passed in June 2004, I believe.

02/08/14 12:34 PM #2    

Gary A Rohde

Jill and I were friends in Timber Ridge Elementary School. I was sorry to hear of her passing.

02/09/14 05:31 AM #3    

Norman Gilbert (Ncoom Gilbar)

Where have all the flowers gone?

05/02/14 12:57 PM #4    

David N. Kornfeld

It is strange writing about the passing of an old friend.... a long ago friend. I have very fond memories of Jill.  Jill and I were friends for just a few years in high school. I remember sitting with her at the ten year reunion and catching up with her then...she shared some sad news about what was going on for her at that time ....  of course life went on and we never stayed in touch after that which I now kind of regret.  What I recall about Jill is how she was so rail thin and how much energy she had. I remember hanging out with her in the North Resource Center and having good talks with her the substance of which I now cannot recall so many years later but whatever it was, it was important at the time.  She was fun to hang out with and I remember some good times biking over to her house in Skokie listening to music.   Either she had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend and when that was not the case I think there probably was an awkward moment or two where there was the possiblity of us going beyond the friendship zone.... but that never took place.   I was quite sad when I heard of her passing.  I learned she had died when I ran into one of her best friends from back in the day at the Max and Benny Deli up in Northbrook a couple of years ago.  


05/05/14 10:46 AM #5    

Kent Talamo

I became friends with Jill at Northern Illinois University Freshman year and she was always happy and smiling.  I am very sorry to hear about her passing. 

07/08/14 12:26 AM #6    

Ricki Greenberg (Zabrin)

I met my friend Jill freshman year of high school and we stayed friends through college! We shared so much fun and she introduced me to a great social life through BBG! We laughed a lot, danced a lot talked about boys and always got along. She had a great sense of humor and though she was the "goody goody" we got in some good mischief together. I think of her often and wish the best for her husband and children. 

07/10/14 10:05 AM #7    

Diane Altshuler (Hermanek)

It was my honor and privilege to call Jill my best friend, and to be considered the same by her.  We were best friends until she passed away 10 years ago, on 6/7/04.  Jill had been battling leukemia, the same cancer that claimed her mother and brother, Rick, before her.  Jill left behind 2 fantastic kids and an adoring husband; they're all well, however her loss is mourned every day.  

Jill and I met across a trampoline in Mrs. Hammer's gym class as freshmen----hilarious, because neither of us were remotely able to do gymnastics and we laughed our way through that unit.  We were locker partners the last three years and were so thrilled with senior year's locker-----ground floor North, third from the hallway, number 9.  I had occasion to be in the building recently and paid it a visit.

Jill was the funniest person I have ever known, and her humor got us through many of life's problems.  And regular stuff, too:  trying to place an order with the talking clown at drive thru Jack In The Box; leaving school to get lunch at Poochies and getting hot dog gum from the cute guy at the grill (Herbie?); getting a warning ticket from a Skokie cop in downtown Skokie because we were laughing too hard while driving.....on and on.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and make a mental note to tell her something.  I still tell her things.  We attended the 20th reunion and laughed till we cried; we were going to attend the 30th but she couldn't go on anymore.  She would have loved all of the wonderful stuff on this site and would certainly have gone to the 40th!

Jill was brave and beautiful and everyone who knew her was enriched by her.

I love you and miss you, Jill.



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