In Memory

Amy Alden

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01/30/14 09:40 AM #1    

Mark Nichol

We lost Amy in 1972. I used to hitchhike down Old Orchard Rd myself back in those days on my way to meet friends at the bowling alley. (Orchard Twin Bowl) I didn't anymore after that incident. I remember my parents wouldn't let me stay out late for about a year after that.

01/30/14 03:50 PM #2    

Denice Hoffman (Lucas)

I was supposed to go to a party with her the night of her murder.  She said she was going to hitch a ride.  I told her she shouldn't and for some reason I didn't go to the party with her.....  Has been haunting me since. 


Denice Hoffman (Lucas)

05/17/14 12:26 PM #3    

Diane Sundblad (Bittle)

How could anyone want to harm our sweet Amy and why wouldn't the police believe us when we said she didn't run away...everything we were ever taught about what was good in the world was called into question and life would never ever be the same.. a tragedy that altered many lives and ended one way too soon.

05/19/14 11:31 AM #4    

Kent Talamo

Amy and I were classmates all through school and I remember her to this day as being a great person.  Very friendly and popular.  I remember the night she disappeared after hitchhiking home from a party and they thought she ran away.  Then I heard she was found next to the cemetery on Old Orchard Rd. in Skokie.  I have never driven past that spot and not thought of her since.  I realize how different things are today.  Kids would never hitchhike now and if someone disappeared like that the entire community / police would immediately start searching.  I hope they caught whoever hurt her.

05/20/14 10:56 AM #5    

Diane Sundblad (Bittle) understanding is the authorities are pretty sure who harmed Amy but he has never been officiially charged. He sits in jail for life I believe for similar crimes against other young women

05/21/14 05:47 PM #6    

Don Wheeler

He died in prison. Ralph Raymond Andrews was his name, and Betty Lee Hanson was a surviving victim.

05/21/14 08:15 PM #7    

Carol Lynn White (White)

Which Jr. high school did Amy got to?


05/22/14 10:32 AM #8    

Diane Sundblad (Bittle)

Amy went to Haven

06/23/14 11:29 AM #9    

Debra Netter (Netter)

I met Amy freshman year. Although we didn't know each other a long time, I was devastated by the news of her death.  

Everytime I drive by Old Orchard, I think of her.....

06/24/14 10:59 AM #10    

Ellen Byrne (Byrne)

I think of Amy every time I head out to Old Orchard or drive on Gross Point Road.  She was robbed of her life at an early age, and it is a tragedy.


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