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James Carrow

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03/19/14 09:31 AM #1    

Raymond Kean

Jim was a longtime friend and overall great guy.  We were fraternity brothers and had many mutual friends.  Big Cubs fan so this summer think of Jim sitting in the stands with a beer enjoying a sunny afternoon at Wrigley.

04/08/14 05:14 PM #2    

Patrick Casey Whalen

I have to say that I was shocked to see that one of my best friends from HS had died. We lost touch a few years after university, but I still never expected this. I still remember going down to watch the Cubs from those sweet dugout seats that your dad had! I'm sure that you are greatly missed by many.

05/28/14 03:49 PM #3    

Gary Milligan

When I heard about Jim's passing [just heard a couple months ago], I just couldn't believe it. Jim was actally my very first friend..I lived on Garrison St, Jim on Girard.  I know he became just a great man and we only spoke a few times as adults [I moved to Seattle]. Just a great guy whom I was looking forward to seeing again "one of thse days"..   My heart goes out to his family.      

07/02/14 07:17 AM #4    

Tom Vanneman (Vanneman)

Jim was a very close friend from grade school through high school. We had fun competing in many sports particularly swimming, golf, tennis, skiing (Christy Ski Club), etc. He was very competivtive and always better than me. We learned to scuba dive together at NU during middle school and had some great experiences with that. Jim taught me how to water ski and could make some awesome cuts, which I still cannot do but still try. Jim was the constant networker and seemed to know everybody. When I moved to Baltimore he connected me with some good friends and again when we relocated to Indianapolis. I remember visitng Jim about two years ago and playing a few very spirited ping pong games with him... still the competitive streak. He certainly died too young and is missed.

07/07/14 10:59 AM #5    

John O'Connor

Jim was a class guy. I was lucky enough to have a few of the basic classes - PE and Ind Arts and he was a fun guy to  play and work alongside. A true blue Evanstonian. I will say a pray for all of the close ties he left behind when he rested in peace.

07/14/14 03:56 PM #6    

Flint Grinnell

Hey Jimmy! He always had a smile alway glad to see you! I was friends with Jim from kindergarden through 1st or 2nd year of college. Then would only see him on occassion ! Jim loved sports ! I remember going to a Cubs game with Jim, his dad and other friends when we were in grade school. After the game we got to go meet a number of the Cubs players ( Jim's father was a Dr and Knew a number of the players) It was one the best days I had ever had!  I lost track of Jimmy until about 7 years ago. Two of my children and I were at the Brunswick Bowling Alley in Deerfield/Northbrook. I hear someone calling my name 3 or 4 times and I finally see the man and then he comes walking over and its Jimmy! His hair line was a little different than what I remembered. The face and eyes were the same! After talking for a couple of minutes, Same old Jimmy! Jimmy was always  caring, giving  and personable.  Jim was always upbeat around me and from what I know everyone he would meet! We already miss you Jimmy!! Thank you for being in our lives!

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