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Kalman Sachs

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01/10/14 01:53 PM #1    

Peter Tilden

What I remember about Kal was his large, yet compact, strong body that he liked using to move people around, whether it be on the field or even the ice. He had no skates and would not have known how to use them, but we dressed him as a goalie and he had these what some nowadays would call "Harley" boots, and played goalie nonetheless. He also seemed physically mature for his age, being full-bearded in high school.

03/05/14 11:10 AM #2    

Robin Kopech (Berk)

Kalman died June 25, 2002,  Kalman had a heart of gold, worked very hard and was always the good guy..

04/26/14 03:25 PM #3    

John O'Connor

My memory of when I got to know Kalman ... jealous of his thick a few of the relaxed classes ....Industrial Tech class - Wood shop  with Mr Fuda?/ Auto shop with Bob Brown. And on the Gym side of campus...Winter months in the "warm" multi purpose room - Coaches Gunther & George ran us.  In the Springtime Coach Lazar taught all fo us Lacrosse - and how the white lacrosse bounced like a super ball off the walls of the back gym before switching to outdoor practice. He picked up the goalie stick and was fearless about protecting the goal deflecting hits from balls thrown by all of our best players. He didn't have to worry about any of my weak shots on goal. He was well liked and always with a calm demeanor. He was the first to have a 12 oclock shadow. He was a athlete who had to work hard to attain the level of play he played at. His running was hamperered by his asmatic condition.  I would never have linked him to muscle enhasers like steroids nor any of the other players on any of the teams from class of '74. I do remember him getting involved with power or weight lifting competition outside of school in a big way. I hope that activbity didn't pressure him in changing his lifestyle other than a good food disipline and energy supplements.  The only condition he had to use drugs was for his shortness in breathing he had a inhaler. He was a very sincere and staight shooting guy. He loved life and will be sorely missed. 

05/08/14 03:22 PM #4    

J. J. Sedelmaier

Here's a picture I took of Kalman 1973-74. He was terrific and one of those fellas who may have looked tough but was really a funny, sensitive, teddy-bear of a guy ! He and I went to a couple Cubs games at Wrigley and commandeered the plywood platform in the bleachers used for the TV camera when it was needed for "Game Of The Week" on network television - which also meant it was ALWAYS available. A good guy and a loss to all. . .

05/09/14 09:08 AM #5    

Christopher Spence

I knew Kalman from Skiles Jr. High. He and I we verry good friends. At ETHS I played soccer while he played Lacross. Since I left Chicago in '77 to move to California, we lost contact over the years. A good friend, so sorry to hear he is no longer with us.

Chris Spence

05/09/14 03:31 PM #6    

Debra Netter (Netter)

Was sad to hear about Kalman.  He was a big teddy bear of a guy...he used to give me gigantic hugs in the hallways!

07/19/14 08:16 PM #7    

Glen Roberts

Kalman was an extremely friendly guy I first go to know at pick-up football games we played at Walker Elementary (although we went to College Hill). He alaways seemed comfortable in any company. In response to Rob's question - he was born in the U.S. I didn't stay in touch with Kalman but also will keep good memories of him.

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