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ETHS Class of 1974 Reunion Association

Minutes of the 2022 Annual Meeting
January 30, 2022

In attendance via teleconference:

Kate Morand, President
Robert S. Gold, Vice-President
Maria Svolos Gebhard, Secretary
Diane Altschuler Hermanek, Membership Chair
Mark Lipowicz
John O’Connor
Jim Powell
Jada Robataille
Debra Richman Trachtenberg

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m. CST by Kate Morand once a quorum was established.

Kate welcomed all on the call and briefly reviewed the mission and purpose of the ETHS Class of 1974 Reunion Association. She briefly touched on membership in the association, and encouraged members to join the Association’s website and participate in reunion planning activities.

Maria Gebhard moved to accept the agenda for the meeting as presented on the Association's website. Debra Richman Trachtenberg seconded the motion There was no discussion. The motion passed unanimously.

Diane Altschuler Hermanek moved to accept the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting as presented on the Association’s website. The motion was seconded by Maria. The motion passed unanimously.

Executive Committee Report

The plan for the 50th Reunion is to hold an in person reunion. Given that, planning will begin during the coming year. Kate Morand noted that the preference is to hold the reunion in Evanston. Robert (Bob) Gold noted that the search for the venue search would probably begin this coming summer. Many questions arose around the 50th reunion. John O’Connor wondered how large the venues we would consider should be. Bob suggested that a realistic target for attendance would be 250-300.

Several other questions arose around the reunion such as when the reunion will occur, possible locations and activities. Bob stated that there will be a survey to members of the association to determine dates for the reunion, activities around the reunion, and other aspects of the reunion. Bob anticipated that he would develop a survey in conjunction with the Logistics Chair in the next few months. This survey will be available to all members of the Association, and the results of that survey will be used to establish dates and locations and activities for our 50th reunion. Bob indicated that we should be voting on reunion dates and locations at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Bob asked those attending the meeting to brainstorm ideas for possible venues. Bob suggested the new Robert Crown Center in Evanston. Other ideas included the Dawes House, facilities on the Northwestern Campus and the high school.

A side conversation ensued in which the time of year will affect the ability to use some of the venues. Bob and Kate both pointed out that we are not able to count on a tour of the high school if the reunion is held in the summer, as it has been held traditionally.

Kate reported that there were two resignations from the Executive Board; Wendy Wefler Oldeen resigned from the Treasurer position and Ellen Byrne resigned from the Logistics Chair. Kate indicated that it is necessary to fill those positions today.

Maria moved that the resignation of Wendy Wefler Oldeen as Treasurer and Ellen Byrne be accepted with gratitude. Debby seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Kate and Bob thanked both for their time and work on behalf of the Association.

Kate entertained nominations for the position of Treasurer on the Executive Board. Jim Powell nominated Mark Lipowicz for the position. Maria seconded the motion. Mark made some comments and accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. Mark was elected unanimously to the position of Treasurer of the Association.

Kate entertained nominations for the position of Logistics Chair. Maria nominated Jada Robitaille for the position. Wendy Woolf seconded the motions. Jada accepted the nomination and made some remarks. There were no other nominations. Jada was elected unanimously to the position of Logistics Chair of the Association.

Kate remarked that both the Treasurer and Logistics Chair positions are members of the Executive Board along with the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Membership Chair. 

Kate and Bob both indicated that they will not be running for re-election when their terms expire in January, 2025. Bob hoped that individuals on the call would consider stepping up at that time to assume leadership positions in the Association.

Kate added that the Association Bylaws and Constitution need to be updated. These changes and requests for approval will be coordinated through the website.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was given on behalf of Wendy Wefler Oldeen by Bob. We are in good shape with a balance of $3,955.53 available in the general fund and an additional $401 available for scholarships to future reunions. Maria moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Jada seconded. There was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

Membership Committee Report

Diane in her capacity as membership chair requested a master list of birthdays and wondered how this list was compiled. That master list came from the website and Bob will assist Diane with that information. 

Bob shared some information about current membership: 465 classmates have joined the website. 649 have not joined. We have 99 deceased classmates. There are 412 members of the Facebook group. The best way to reach people is through the website, so we hope everyone will join the website. 

The group brainstormed ways to increase membership on the website. Diane suggested everyone look at the list of ‘missing classmates’ on the website and pick out a few classmates to attempt to find. Kate will share a website she has found very helpful and accurate for finding people. Kate suggested that Diane join and connect with classmates on that site. Kate will put a blurb in the KIT this spring and future issues with contact information of committee members. 

Wendy Woolf asked about the inclusion of members who might not have graduated with us. How did we decide? Bob noted that all of those decisions were made on a case-by-case basis and that we do have several members who are spouses of classmates, moved before graduation, etc. Bob suggested we might want to include teachers in our next reunion. 

Open Discussion

Bob expressed appreciation to J.J. Sedelmaier for the brilliant logo for our 50th Reunion. Point of information: J.J. has designed all of our reunion logos! 

Jada mentioned that she will be implementing a distribution and communication method for the Logistic Committee. Kate pointed out that we have two Facebook pages; one for the Executive Board and one for the Planning Committee. Kate suggested that Jada might want to consider using the Planning Committee page for the Logistics Committee. 

There being no other business, Debra moved for adjournment. Diane seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m. CST. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Maria Svolos Gebhard, Secretary