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ETHS Class of 1974 Reunion Association
Minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting

In attendance via ZOOM call:

Kate Morand, President
Robert S. Gold, Vice President
Maria Svolos Gebhard, Secretary
Ellen Byrne, Logistics Chair
Jada Robitaille
Kathy Kline Moore
Diane Altshuler Hermanek
Carolyn Krause
John O’Connor

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 pm CST by Kate Morand.

Kate Morand welcomed all in attendance.

Jada Robitaille offered a motion to approve the agenda as published in the notice of the Zoom meeting, The motion was seconded by Ellen Byrne with no ensuing discussion. The motion passed unanimously.

Ellen Byrne offered a motion to approve the minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting as posted on the web page. This motion was seconded by Jada Robitaille. There were no questions and no discussion. The motion passed unanimously.

Executive Committee Report

Bob expressed deepest sympathy to Wendy Wefler Oldeen on the loss of her mother tragically to covid, and that Wendy’s absence from today’s meeting is being noted with the sorrow and understanding of the group.

Bob noted that the last year was uneventful to the association.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Bob Gold, as member of the Association. Bob Gold will clarify with Wendy Oldeen that one of the bank accounts previously open has been closed. Bob Gold also reported that the sole liability of the association is its unsold T-shirts and that $401.00, part of the balance in the checking account, is earmarked for those who request and/or require financial assistance with admission to the reunion. Bob reported that the balance in the bank account agrees to the penny with Wendy Oldeen’s report. The motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jada Robitaille and seconded by Ellen Byrne, There was no discussion. The motion passed unanimously. 

Membership Committee Report

Kate Morand asked for someone to take over the responsibility of handling membership notifications and membership committee leadership. Jada Robitaille nominated Diane Hermanek to chair the membership committee. The motion was seconded by Ellen Byrne.

Bob Gold reported that the association has 463 members per its website; 406 members on its Facebook Group; and 655 known alumni who have not joined the website. Bob Gold noted that there is no precise overlap of the website members and the Facebook Group members. 

Discussion followed about address changes for members. Bob Gold reported that members log in to the ETHS Class of 1974 website, where they will be offered two options: The “Details” option is the place for contact information changes and the “Profile” option is the place for social information. He remarked that, in the future, all who belong to the Facebook page also be registered on the website as notifications to class members will be done via the website.

Bob Gold and Kate Morand agreed to assist Diane Hermanek in assuming the role of Membership Committee chair.

After discussion and numerous expressions of thanks to Kate Morand, the motion passed unanimously.

New Business

1. Bob Gold opened discussion on the possibility and feasibility of virtual mini-reunions. And noted that the if the idea is popular it might entail the Association procuring a Zoom account and assigning administrative roles to support the mini-reunions. The virtual reunion tool might promote and facilitate growth of the Association and the 2024 Reunion Committee. Much discussion followed which also highlighted the importance of inclusion in the values of the Association.

Bob Gold suggested that he and Kate Morand craft a statement from the Association to say that the Association is here to help promote mini-reunions. This statement would be presented to the Executive Committee for approval and to be issued. After lengthy discussion, Jada Robitaille moved and Maria Gebhard seconded that Bob Gold’s suggestion be made a motion. There being no discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

2. Kate Morand reported that the current Constitution and ByLaws of the Association were due for a review. John O’Connor made the motion that a subcommittee be formed to review the Constitution and Bylaws and propose modifications to be be voted on at the 2022 meeting of the Executive Committee. After additional discussion, the motion was seconded by Maria Gebhard and it carried unanimously.

Open Discussion

Kate Morand called upon Bob Gold to invite topics for discussion from those attending the meeting,

Bob Gold invited the group to present additional topics for discussion in an open forum.

John O’Connor addressed and Bob Gold assented to the expression of feelings of a number of attendees concerning the historical racial and religious exclusivity of the venue of the 2020 Reunion: The Evanston Golf Club. Bob expressed his wish for leadership diversity and thanks to John O’Connor for readdressing the topic and the Association’s efforts to promote inclusivity.

Discussion followed on ideas for a future venue to allow for maximum inclusivity based on race, religion, and gender and also on financial accessibility to participate in the reunion. John O’Connor volunteered to assist wherever needed. When asked by Bob Gold to take on the responsibility of the golf outing portion of the reunion, he agreed.

Maria Gebhard suggested the Evanston Historical Society and/or the park outside of it as possible neutral and affordable venues. Bob Gold suggested that new Robert Crown Center be viewed by a group this summer as a possible venue. Ellen encouraged early discussions and “feet on the ground” efforts in Evanston by all who are able.

All were reminded by Kate Morand that ETHS property is not available for hosting of reunions.

Maria Gebhard, Carolyn, Krause, John O’Connor and Diane Hermanek volunteered to join Bob Gold in visiting possible venues over the summer and fall of 2021 and share ideas for and gather information on possible venues for the 2024 reunion with Ellen Byrne, chair of the Logistics Committee. 

Ellen Byrne encouraged fresh eyes and avowed to always add to the strength of the group going forward indicating that her travel over the next year was going tome limited.

After more discussion, the group agreed unanimously that the goals of the 2024 Reunion would be for it to be 1) inclusive, 2) affordabie, and 3) interesting.

Bob Gold suggested the tentative date of January 16, 2022 1:00 pm CST for the next meeting of the Association.

There being no other business, Bob Gold made the motion to adjourn the Meeting at 2:07 PM CST. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria Svolos Gebhard
Secretary, ETHS Class of 1974 Reunion Association

ETHS Class of 1974 Reunion Association

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of January 25, 2020

 Attendees via teleconference

  • Kate Morand
  • Robert S. Gold
  • Ellen Byrne
  • Wendy Oldeen
  • Kathy Kline Moore
  • Diane Altshuler Hermanek
  • Dean Naritoku
  • Adrienne Schwarzbach Johnson
  • Maria Svolos Gebhard

The meeting was called to order at 12:08 p.m. CST.

Kate Morand welcomed and reminded the group that the Reunion Association was formed with the purpose of organizing and running reunions in accordance with a Constitution, By-Laws, to be executed by Officers with specific roles. It was mentioned that the By-Laws need to be updated.

Robert Gold offered a motion to approve the agenda which was seconded by Maria Gebhard with no ensuing discussion. The motion passed unanimously.

Maria Gebhard offered a motion to approve the minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting that are posted on the web page. This motion was seconded by Diane Hermanek. There were no questions and no discussion. The motion passed unanimously.

Election of Officers

Kathy Kline opened the discussion about a desire to have a person of color on the Board. After some discussion and a reminder of past history, it was suggested that we form a sub-committee to pursue this further.

The elections to be held today will be for five-year terms of officers to expire on the date of the Annual Association Meeting in January of 2025.

The following officers were elected unanimously to five-year terms beginning January 25, 2020:

  • Kate Morand, President
  • Robert S. Gold, Vice President
  • Wendy Oldeen, Treasurer
  • Maria Svolos Gebhard, Secretary
  • Ellen Byrne, Logistics Chair

Welcome to the Executive Committee, Maria!

Treasurer’s Report

Robert Gold thanked Bill Lemieux for his previous service in the role of Treasurer and proceeded to give the Treasurers’ report. Our financial position is sound with no outstanding debts. We have more money than we started off the year with in 2019. We have about $4,400 in the Bank in addition to some T-Shirt inventory, bringing our total assets to just under $5,000.00. $401.00 is earmarked for 2024 grants for tickets from the directed donations received last year. We took in approximately $18,000.00 through ticket and T shirt sales. We spent approximately $16,600.00 on reunion expenses. We increased our assets by about $1,500.00. There were no questions.

Executive Committee Report

Kate spoke about the Golf Club and prior history of possible discrimination and believes that the Board satisfactorily addressed this during the Reunion. Some of the concerns were indeed rumors and with research found to be invalid. Ellen mentioned that she is willing to provide some backstory on the Golf Club if it is needed.

Kate mentioned that in the past we have had a membership position but that continuing to look for classmates is no longer as high of a priority. For the record it was mentioned that we have a priority to ensure we are well represented by classmates of color.

Post-Reunion Survey

Prior to going over the survey results, Bob Gold mentioned that we now have 463 classmates on our web site, an increase of 36 from May 2017. 657 have not joined and 93 are deceased. There are 395 on our FaceBook page. Bottom line, we have good exposure.

Bob Gold also reported that 83 people responded to the survey. 58 of the 83 attended the reunion while 24 of the individuals who responded did not attend the reunion. We had an overall satisfaction rate of 86%. 5 attendees were neutral with 3 mentioning they were dissatisfied. When asked the question what we could do to make things better there were sporadic comments showing no trends. 

Lessons learned form the 2019 Post-Reunion Survey were:

  1. Saturday night was a big hit. 86% liked the food. “We hit a home run”.
  2. As far as we know the venue did not stop anyone from attending the reunion.
  3. The Friday night events had mixed results.
  4. The Pub Crawl was quite well received and should be considered for the 50th Reunion.

Robert Gold and and Kate Morand asked if anyone was interested in joining the Committee, noting that we would not be active until 2023. Diane and Kathy indicated their desire to join the working Committee.

There was no other business.

Kate Morand made a motion to adjourn the Meeting. This motion was seconded by Maria Gebhard. No discussion was held and all were in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 p.m.