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William Evans

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01/10/14 01:33 PM #1    

Peter Tilden

William "Pete" Evans was a sweet person. He was always able to make someone laugh...especially in some boring class. He was, however, the brunt of an occasional prank. Since Pete was a pretty big guy, he could have been mistaken for a "bully" type, which he was definitely not! Alas, some unknown persons (hee hee) would pound their own chest and indicate the blow was coming from Pete. Ha! He was sent down the hall on several occasions until Mrs. ??? finally caught on. What a shame he never got his one wish from as far back as 7th grade - that of romancing Carole Madnick

01/29/14 08:47 PM #2    

Mark Nichol

Peter Tilden said it well in his description of Pete, he was a sweet guy. He was funny and one of those guys that you couldn't help but like as soon as you met him. He laughed and smiled easily and had a great sense of humor. He wouldn't always admit it but he truly cared about people. He's definitely missed.

02/14/14 08:36 AM #3    

Robert Crawford

I remember once, for 8th grade graduation, crashing a party at George Bushnell's house.  They had this pingpong table in the basement with rackets that had sand paper paddles on them.  Naturally, we started sanding other things, then Tilden sanded Pete Evans head.  I laughed so hard I rolled on the floor.  To this day, I chuckle when I think of that.  May he rest in peace.

02/15/14 02:17 PM #4    

Bob Driscoll

Many things in high school go in alphebetical order. As such, I remember Pete well. He was behind me in line many times. I do remember him being a large guy, but he was always a gentle giant to me. He always seemed in a good mood and fun to be around. Sorry to hear he isn't with us anymore.

09/01/16 07:22 PM #5    

Philip Roycraft

Still remember Pete from Freshman English class. Always thought he was bright and good natured and too self confident to just "follow the crowd". I liked him.  

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