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Jetter Gibson

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03/20/14 08:18 AM #1    

Robert Crawford

I remember when Jetter (and Norm Underwood) were brought into our gym class, the first black kids to be bussed to Lincolnwood.  Jetter was wild even then, in 5th grade, laughing and carrying on loudly and without any self consciousness, it seemed to me.  For whatever reason, he chose to tease me incessantly and did so for years (he called me "Mr. Ching-Chong man").  I was afraid of him, but underneath I knew he was a pretty decent guy.  I saw him at our 20th reunion and he was much diminished by alcohol, still likeable but ravaged.  He died soon thereafter.  I would love to hear other people's memories of him.

03/20/14 08:38 PM #2    

Pam Varallo (Ramirez)

I remember Jetter from Skiles walking on his toes and turning his eyelids inside out..lotta laughs.Sorry to hear of his passing

03/21/14 10:01 AM #3    

James Currie



I didn't kinow Jetter well at all, but I certainly knew who he was and he was in my jr. year english class at ETHS.  I do remember him as boisterious, loud and laughing in gernreqal, and seomwaht the same in class, but also detached from the class , ofternwith head down or even sleeeping.  Easy to think it was disregard or dismissive then, now easier to think it had nothing to do with the classroom.  I'm sad to hear he's gone.  I too thought he was a basically good guy.

03/22/14 10:48 AM #4    

Deborah Saltzman (Jacobs)

I remember him exactly like Pam did....walking on his toes, turning his eyelids inside out, and wearing black converse high top gym shoes!  Hi Pam??

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